Relationships and Dating Challenges

Does your life feel like the person in this picture? Pushing a boulder bigger than you up a hill that never seems to end? Are you struggling in your relationship or with the dating scene? So many individuals and couples seek therapy often for a very simple reason – they, like you, feel stuck and unsure what to do or how to go about changing their life. I can help you figure that all that out. 
Talk therapy is a collaborative process between you and me. Our relationship helps create necessary change and improve your quality of Working together, you will gradually learn how to confront many of your barriers – your issues – that keep you stuck and prevent you from living the life you really want. 
Therapy encourages greater self-awareness while gaining healthier strategies and techniques for changing unwanted thoughts and feelings. But – warning! – its not always a pleasant process. It can be hard and challenging and may make you feel uncomfortable. Yet, going through the process and tackling those difficult issues will actually help you get to a better place. You will begin to see solutions where there was once issues and problems!


Navigating the Dating World
Swipe right or swipe left? That’s what the dating game has morphed into! It’s difficult being out there in the dating world. People are struggling to find ‘the one’, to find that special person in their life. It seems that the more we try to simplify our lives, the more complicated life feels.
And we are moving at warped speed. And because of these factors the more people feel detached, disillusioned, alone, and that maybe there’s something wrong with them because they haven’t found someone. A significant part of dating in today’s world is being able to navigate the online dating world. I know it can be complicated. I dated for many years post divorce and certainly did my share of online dating. I met my husband on OkCupid! and know many other couples who have met their partner or spouse online – but it can be very challenging. 
Therapy includes dating and learning how to find the right person for you, understanding how your choices may be affecting your dating life and if there are patterns to move away from, what your dating expectations are, and some of the challenges that today’s current dating world presents for you. 


Changing gears and really uncovering our relationship patterns – often negative – rarely is pleasant. We cringe and want to run away. Play like an ostrich and bury our head in the sand. But, alas nothing comes from doing that. What is needed is feeling uncomfortable just enough to push you in a new and healthier direction. You must learn to find comfort in discomfort.That is how we grow, evolve, gain greater insight, and create healthier relationships not just with other people – but with the most important person, YOU. That’s where it all starts. But the first step begins with you. An acknowledgement that something – ever so slight – just has to give to start a journey on a new path and say goodbye to the old and worn out path and patterns that we have created for ourselves that have not given us the relationship we desire, that we dream of having, the one that we really, really want and deserve.
And I think its fair to say that most of us – at one time or another -can admit to being in a bad or unhealthy relationship. But, for some people, the struggle is more chaotic and challenging than having a ‘one-off’ relationship. Read more here about my approach.
For many people, they have more than just one bad relationship – they have established behavioral and made choices that create relationship patterns and are much more difficult to break. But all is not lost. 
  • Before you start a relationship, you should ask yourself some important questions:
  • What are your expectations? Do you have any? Are they too lofty?
  • What happens when you have expectations that don’t get met?
  • What are your strengths? Weaknesses?
  • What types of patterns do you notice about your relationships? (We have them so take the time to really think about it)
  • Why do your relationships end?
  • Are you emotionally needy? Too demanding on yourself or your partner? 
  • TOGETHER, we examine what your expectations and if they are realistic or not, your deal breaker and game changers, and what behaviors and values you need and want the most in a relationship.We also examine your relationship patterns to make sure you are not repeating unhealthier patterns from getting the relationship that you want and deserve.

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