Premarital Counseling

fotolia_91293799_subscription_monthly_mYou found the love of your life, and now you’re getting married! Yay! You are excited and energized by the future. Everything you hoped for is falling into place. The last thing on your mind is Premarital Counseling.

But should it be? Because no matter how loving and cohesive a couple may be, conflict and differences will inevitably arise. How will you have the difficult and challenging conversations? Do you have effective communication skills?


Premarital counseling helps couples ensure that the relationship you worked so hard to build flourishes into a strong, healthy, fulfilling and lasting marriage long after the “I-Do’s” are celebrated and the honeymoon is over. It provides a strong foundation. 

I guide you through heavy-duty conversations that provide you the opportunity to talk openly. We address your communication and attachment style, family of origin, conflict management, emotional closeness, marriage fears, strengths and challenges, social media, sexual intimacy, finances, children, and extended family. All the ‘sticky’ issues are addressed. 


An integral part of pre-marital counseling is using the Prepare/Enrich Assessment. Each person completes the assessment individually and the results of the twelve relationship categories are discussed (usually 2-6 sessions)

Each person has the opportunity to improve their communication skills and share their thoughts and feelings. And without a doubt, both of you will discover new things about yourselves and learn what makes long-term relationships rock and how YOU will make your relationship rock, too! 

Looking to explore the Prepare/Enrich Assessment? Unsure how to have the difficult conversations? Contact me today to learn how premarital counseling can help you better navigate the extraordinary, landscape of your future lives together!



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