Intensive Couples Counseling



Is the proverbial 45 minute hour not enough time to tackle your relationship issues? I get it. It seldom is. As soon as couples start to get momentum and tackle the most pressing issue, time is up. It’s frustrating

To offset that problem, I offer intensive couples sessions. We meet for 3 hours (and up to 5). Before we meet, each person completes a brief questionnaire prior to starting the intensive session. This gives me some background a better understanding where each person is in the relationship. Included in the questionnaire are questions about the top three issues plaguing the marriage (as you see it), what has been done (briefly), and what you would like to be addressed first (from your perspective). Each person completes this individually so when we come together, we can dive right in and get down to work. 

If you are interested, please call me for more information and my rate.


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