Insurance Questions and Fees

Strategic Professional Coaching

Initial Package (Includes 1 hour intake & 1.5 review of EQ i -2 and the online assessment) $ 550.00

Additional Coaching Sessions:

Three sessions – $625.00

Five Sessions – $975.00

Ten Sessions  $1950.00

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Divorce Coaching:

One session – $225.00

Three sessions – $625.00 (payment due in full)

Five Sessions – $975.00  (can divide payment in half)

Ten Sessions – $1950.00  (can divide payment in half)

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Individual – $225.00/hour

Couples – $275.00/hour

Intensive (3-5 hours). Please contact me for specific rates

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I am an out of network provider. I provide you with a Superbill at the end of each session which you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. You must have out of network benefits (OON) to receive any type of reimbursement. This reimbursement varies among insurance companies. Payment is due after each session.

You should ask your insurance company the following questions:

1.) Do I have out of network benefits?

2.) Do I have a deductible to meet before my insurance company will reimburse me? And if so, what is that deductible?

3.) Does my policy reimburse me for code 90791 (evaluation), 90834 (individual) or 90837 (patient + family)? These are universal and recognizable codes. 

4.) What is the percentage they reimburse? Insurance companies will reimburse a percentage of their allowable amount, not my fee. For example, if they determine that a reasonable fee for a 90834 is $100.00, then they will reimburse their percentage (%) of $100.00, not my fee of $165 or $195.00.

You should also ask them the address to send your receipt for reimbursement. I would be happy to contact your insurance company to get specifics on your insurance plan before starting. 

Please contact with me any additional questions. Happy to help you with the process!

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