Individual Therapy

changing your mindsetIndividual therapy can have a positive effect on numerous areas of your life including athletics, education, career, and your family. Some people also discover that individual counseling helps to deal changes in mood, life transitions, and finding purpose. 

Together, we will examine current challenges to your emotional health. We will also examine sources of pain in your life and ineffective communication techniques that cause you to experience the same relationships or situations over and over. Together, we will work to break these negative patterns, increase your control over your emotions, and create an approach to your life that increases your satisfaction.

What to Expect from Individual Counseling Sessions

During a short period, often between 8 to 12 session, I will help you proceed through counseling. The process tends to take the following course:

  • During initial treatment, we will review your history as well as what made you seek therapy. While some people seek to improve their communication skills, other people want to change the way that they manage their emotions.

  • We will then develop goals and how you can be implementing changes in your life. Often, this involves understanding your communication style and recognizing your triggers that tend to create to problems.

  • Over time, by sharing your thoughts and utilizing strategic, productive, and positive tools, you will discover yourself able to handle problems that would have otherwise kept you in a repetitive cycle.

My Approach to Individual Therapy

My approach to individual counseling revolves round examining how you communicate and where potential problems with communication might lie. For any obstacles that arise with effective communication, I can help you develop skills and strategies to cope with these challenges.

Many clients discover that the solutions to effective communication are often readily available, but that the part of brain fueled by emotions makes us unable to think strategically. By implementing these changes, clients are often able to maximize both their personal and professional growth.

If you are interested in pursuing individual counseling, contact me today by calling (917) 715 – 6583. An initial appointment can also be scheduled by emailing me at [email protected]. I have helped many clients grow significantly personally and professionally, and I look forward to assisting in you reaching the same results.

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