Improve Your Communication Skills and Break Unhealthy Patterns

“Fear, uncertainty and discomfort are your compasses toward growth.”


Most people want to communicate better both work and at home, but don’t have the communication skills and strategies. I get it. People are simply challenged to keep their thoughts and feelings in check while they communicate. They have unhealthy and ineffective communication patterns which leads to arguments.

Are you quick to quick to raise your voice? Do you get defensive? Do you hear but don’t listen? Do you struggle to manage your emotions? Have internal raging moments? Do you want to scream out loud sometimes? Do you get on the defensive and blame your partner?

Do you respond with ‘you do this wrong, you are not listening, you, you, you? Do you wonder when is it my time to talk? Are you thinking, just shut up and be quiet? Do you express your feelings in negative ways and then rinse and repeat (and repeat, and repeat)? 

Do you feel frustrated, exhausted, and overwhelmed not knowing how to make changes? I get it. I work with people like yourself everyday. You recognize something has to change, but what and how?  


So, what if I told you that in a short period of time (3-6 sessions), I could help you create healthy and effective communication skills and strategies? By exploring your communication style you could reverse the way you manage your emotions and communicate differently? And improving your emotional intelligence will help you communicate in ways that will help you keep your emotions in check yet get your point across in a healthy way? And by recognizing your triggers, you could learn how to quickly identify them so you could stop them and create a new path of communicating? 



Would you come on board? Would you say yes? Since you are reading this, maybe you are already halfway there and are ready to pivot? The day you take the necessary steps to become better at sharing your thoughts and feelings in a strategic, productive, and positive way, has arrived. Because when we act in ways that don’t feel good and when we say things we ultimately regret, we just feel bad all the way around.

Being strategic in changing your communication style allows you to look at the big picture and visualize what communicating differently would look like. You see yourself having the skills and strategies to make that happen. Strategic thinking provides a strategy – the platform – that gets you from point a to point B. It allows you establish and achieve short and long term goals to improve your communication.



It also guides you in a productive direction to uncover solutions that are often hiding in plain sight. This happens because our emotions hijack the rational part of our brain, making it difficult to employ strategic thinking.

But, gathering data, identifying triggers, and learning from the past to create a vision for your future, allows the rational part to succeed where it failed before. And allows you to implement necessary changes to maximize your personal and professional growth. 

Communication is part strategy, exploration, insight, mindset change, openness, history, skill building, and intention. Do you want to change how you communicate so you become more effective? Are you looking to gain greater insight and create a new path for yourself so you can listen and talk better?

If so, WE should talk!

Stop being fearful and learn how to run towards change, maximize your personal growth and live the life you want!

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