Creating Healthier Relationships

Many people like yourself, find themselves on a merry go round. They repeat the same relationship patterns, with no end in sight. They want to change their relationship history and have a successful  and healthy relationship.

Yet, they feel impeded by life with many obstacles they have to overcome. They feel stuck. They don’t know what to do. Just like you.

But here you are. You want to figure out how things can change. How you can change. Because what you realize is that your old way of doing things has to be replaced by a new path has to be created.

Consider these questions:

What are your expectations? Do you have any? Are they too lofty?

What happens when you have expectations that don’t go unmet?

What are your strengths? What are your challenges?

What types of patterns do you notice about your relationships

Why do your relationships end?

Are you emotionally needy? Too demanding on yourself or your partner?


  • Examine what your expectations and if they are realistic or not,

  • Explore your deal breaker and game changers,

  • Delve into what values you need and want the most in a relationship.

  • Confront your barriers and issues that keep you stuck and prevent you from living the life you really want. 

  • Promote greater self-awareness

  • Gain healthier strategies and techniques for changing unwanted thoughts and feelings.

  • Learning how to become comfortable with the uncomfortable

And eventually, you will begin to see the trees beyond the forest and recognize patterns right before your eyes. 

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