Creating Healthier Relationships

Many people treat relationships like merry-go-rounds. They end up creating the same relationship errors, over and over. Other people treat relationships like roller coasters where you end up begging to get off. Even if you want to change your relationship patterns, you might be able to do so without professional help. To take control of matters, it is often a wise idea to speak with an experienced relationship therapist. 

Steps to Move a Relationship Forward

When you realize that your behavioral and communication styles cause problems, counseling is often the necessary steps to move your relationship forward. Some of the questions that I ask as a relationship therapist to begin taking the necessary steps include the following:

  • What are your expectations for the relationship?
  • Are your expectations realistic or unreasonable?
  • What happens when your expectations are not met?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What patterns do you notice in your relationships?
  • Are there are any common reasons why your relationships end?

Areas where a Relationship Therapist Can Help

Whether you are dealing with a failed relationship, encountering difficulty in sustaining romantic relationships, or experiencing friction with friends or family, I can help. Some of the most common ways in which I can provide assistance as a relationship counselor include the following:

  • Confront the issues that keep you from living the life you want
  • Delve into what values you need and want from relationships
  • Examine what your relationships expectations are
  • Explore your relationship deal breakers and game changers
  • Gain more effective strategies for changing unwanted thoughts
  • Learn how to become more comfortable with the uncomfortable


Change Your Life with a Relationship Therapist Today

Many people who hire me as a relationship therapist discover that their lives are transformed with proper assistance. You can become more strongly connected to the people around you and discover the tools to achieve sustainable happiness. Contact me today and during a free initial 15 minute phone consultation, we can begin to discuss what is occurring in your life to determine how a relationship counselor would best help your current situation. You can reach me today by calling (917) 715 – 6583. An initial consultation can also be scheduled by contacting me at [email protected]


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