If you have landed on this page, chances are you are not completely satisfied with the direction of your life. I get it. I have been there, too. Maybe you have personal or professional challenges that are holding you back. Maybe both. Regardless, I am glad you are here as I am happy to help you. I ask my clients, are you satisfied with your professional or personal life? Are there sources in your work environment that are causing you conflict? What is blocking you from moving forward and creating the life that you visualize for yourself? And, would you be okay leaving things as is or are there some parts of your daily existence that need major improvement?

It’s important to remember that strife doesn’t have to be a constant part of your professional world. Instead, through strategic professional coaching, I can teach you how to remove the obstacles that are preventing your growth while also maximizing the parts that you enjoy about your work and your life so you can truly flourish. With my strategic coaching, you can stop feeling like you are pushing the boulder up the hill by yourself and instead learn the skills necessary to be more present at work, learn to tackle the obstacles, gain greater emotional intelligence, manage your stress, be confident, and be an effective decision maker. 


Strategic Professional Coaching

As your strategic professional coach, I have an array of proven tools to remove obstacles, break bad habits, and set yourself on a different and better path so that you can reach both life-fulfilling and professional goals. With coaching, we create a partnership utilizing a thought provoking and creative process that will inspire you to take the steps to maximize your personal and professional growth and potential. We are thinking partners and see you as resourceful, insightful, and a willing participant in the change you need in your life.

As an experienced strategic professional coach, I have coached numerous people throughout their successful lives, relationships, and careers. I also have helped to obtain significant results for many people.

Some of the areas that I focus on helping people with include the following:

  • Creating positive work relationships through better and more effective communication
  • Improving your emotional intelligence at work and at home
  • Helping to improve your self-awareness, clarify goals, set and achieve developmental objectives and unlock your potential
  • Improving your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth 
  • Providing a confidential and supporting sounding board where questions are asked, assumptions are challenged, provide resources and clarity, and if warranted with permission, provide advice. 
  • Integrating (rather than balancing) all of the important people and things in your life to create flow
  • Teaching you how to incorporate self-care into your life and how to put yourself when it is necessary to do so.\

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

My work as your strategic professional coach involves an assessment of your core values and the areas of your professional life that are the most challenging. This might include your aspirations, career, and your personal and professional relationships. After the initial assessment, you complete the EQ-i 2.o online. The second session is devoted to going over the results, setting goals and objectives and examining where you are currently and where you would like to be in the workplace. We work together to create a specific and personalized action plan – just for you! For some people, that is enough. However, if you are looking for a longer term coaching commitment, we dig in deeper and continue to discuss the results to maximize your potential at work and address challenges that are keeping you stuck. Having a high EQ is a vital component to being successful in the workplace.

Focusing on the skills that you are currently using and learning how to use the skills you are using less to create more of a balance, will help you leverage your skills to a higher level at work (and personally too), so you can meet the everyday challenges and improve your confidence, ability to communicate effectively, manage your stress, improve your interpersonal relationships, and incorporate better strategic and flexible decision making. 

Why do the goals set by so many people fail to become a reality? Many times it’s because we let ourselves break the rules in small ways until eventually we are no longer following our resolution. We have a tendency to get in our own way. We have something that is blocking us from achieving our goals. Figuring that out, together, and asking important questions, helps create a new path for you. Focusing on solutions, rather than problems, you begin to visualize the life you want and what that looks like. A few of the questions I begin with are:

  • What would your ideal workday and work week look like?
  • With areas of your professional life are you most confident? Where are your challenges?
  • What would your co-workers or your colleagues say about your work ethic and ability to manage people and be a positive leader?
  • How would a solution focused approach change your professional life?

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Divorce Coaching

A divorce coach is a trained professional who helps you navigate the dissolution of your marriage and arrive at where you would like to be when the divorce process is over. Divorce is much more than just a legal process, though. Divorce is several other things as well:

  • Divorce is emotional. Divorce is full of many high and low emotional moments. As a divorce coach, I can help you make sure that your common sense controls and that you do not end up making decisions fueled by emotions.
  • Divorce is financial. One of the most common negative feelings that people encounter during a divorce is uncertainty about everything including what their financial situation will be like when the marriage is over. Even if you retain the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney, it is still common to feel overwhelmed about what the future holds. Fortunately, a divorce coach can help.
  • Divorce affects children. Another area of uncertainty during a divorce is how the end of a marriage will affect your children. As a divorce coach, I can help you understand the parenting issues that you are likely to encounter as well as develop plans to respond to these issues.
  • Divorce is a process. If you do not understand how divorce, there is a risk that you might make lasting mistakes. As a divorce coach, I help you develop a solution focused approach to make sure that you both effectively resolve issues that arise as well as communicate properly with your former spouse.

Some of the most common issues that I help people with as a divorce coach include the following:

  • Addressing the barriers that prevent you from moving forward
  • Communicating more powerfully with your former spouse
  • Establishing new financial goals to obtain financial independence
  • Improving your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Maintaining a healthy relationship with your children
  • Transitioning through and moving past the pain of divorce
  • Switching from the use of “we” to “me” to create a more optimistic future

Do any of these issues resonate with you? Are you interested in obtaining the assistance of a divorce coach to help you through this difficult time? Contact me today by calling (917) 715 – 6583 or you can also reach me online at to schedule a free 15 minute consultation during which time we will discuss your various goals associated with navigating your divorce as well as various ways to achieve them.

Whether its divorce or another obstacle, I can help you navigate the challenges in your life to make sure that you live the bigger, happier, and healthier life you deserve.

Also, because no two people are ever exactly the same, I offer both Individual and Package coaching sessions.

Coaching Sessions (Strategic Professional and Divorce)

Single Session (One-Hour Phone or Video Consultation): During these sessions, we will discuss the specifics about your current situation. I will then offer practical feedback and suggestions, which are designed to make sure that you have the necessary tools to handle the situation on your own. A summary of our session is subsequently sent to you through email.

Packages. I offer three, five, or ten sessions with each sessions involving a one hour phone or streaming video consultation. I focus on making sure that each package offers as comprehensive and personalized a life action plan as possible. Email support following each session is also included.

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Disclaimer: Divorce coaching is not legal advice. Nor is it a substitute for competent legal advice. Divorce and relationship coaching are also not psychotherapy and are not covered by your insurance provider.

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