Co-Parenting Counseling


children of divorceChildren love their parents and want them to get along and not fight. It’s a more disruptive time for them if they are in the middle of a contentious divorce or family situation. And although parents feel the pain of the divorce as well, co-parenting presents many challenges. But parents can absolutely develop a cordial and amicable relationship with your ex – especially for your children who are depending on both of you to do this. Parents who were once raising their children under one roof can learn how to become better co-parents as they now have two homes to navigate. Being able to co-parent amicably can create healthier relationships or everyone – both parents and your children. 


As a Parent Coordinator and one who has worked with many couples become better at co-parenting, I help couples remain calm and consistent while resolving and/or avoiding conflict. This helps create happier children and a healthier environment for the parents and their children. And, the ability to better resolve conflict or head it off by taking a proactive rather than a reactive stance. Learning how to put aside negative feelings and put hurt and anger aside while keeping your children front and center is key. Co-parenting counseling allows each person to work out their issues with their ex to avoid this being done around your children. 

Although all families are different, there are several key areas that are often present: 

  • Improving communication and resolving conflict
  • Critical contentious and challenging issues
  • Strengths of relationship
  • How to move through change as children get older
  • Value of consistency between two homes
  • Importance of creating strong relationships with your children
  • Blended family issues

The gift in being a parent coordinator and helping couples address challenging issues in co-parenting counseling is that you will learn how to build a healthier family post divorce as you move into the chapter of your lives. And because children take their social cues from their parents, you will be demonstrating how to be kind and compassionate towards one another even though you are no longer married. This will help them navigate their own changes that they are experiencing. 

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Co-Parenting Tips For Divorced Parents

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