Co-Parenting Counseling

After a divorce, we hope that our former partner will be able to cooperate civilly when it comes to child-related issues. Unfortunately, sometimes court orders or simply unwilling ex’s make it impossible to properly care for your children. Many times, there is bad blood left over from the dissolution of a marriage which can make matters even more difficult for the children that are involved.

This is often especially true as families engaged into new lives. Fortunately, there are ways to maintain a cordial and amicable relationship with your former spouse and a co-parenting counselor can help.

The Goals of Co-Parenting

Co-parenting coaching often differs significantly from marriage counseling or traditional psychotherapy. While co-parenting coaching ideally involves both parents, research has shown that co-parenting coaching can be a substantial benefit to children when just one parent engages in co-parenting. This is because co-parenting will help you create healthier relationships so that children struggle less.

Some of the things that you will learn in co-parenting counseling include:

  • Achieving an easier time put asides negative feelings that might linger from your divorce including hurt and anger while making sure that your children receive the love and attention that they need and deserve.
  • Creating stronger than ever relationships with your children
  • Handling blended family issues that might arise following your divorce
  • Identifying the strengths of each person and learning how to also respond to their weaknesses.
  • Improving your ability to resolve conflict through a proactive rather than a reactive method of handling problems.
  • Increasing your ability to effectively communicate and resolve conflict.
  • Learning how to remain calm and collected while resolving (or avoiding) conflict, which will have a significant impact on the health and happiness of your children.
  • Transitioning successfully through the many changes that occur as children get older
  • Working through challenging issues that might have arisen since your divorce including financial obstacles.

Speak with an Experienced Child Counselor Today

By addressing issues through co-parent counseling, many clients discover that they learn the tools necessary to make sure that sure each member of your family remains healthy following a divorce. Because parents are able to better navigate the changes and emotional difficulties that occur during a divorce, children also experience an easier time navigating through this difficult time. So, if you need the assistance of a co-parent counselor, do not hesitate to contact me today by calling (917) 715 – 6583 or reaching me online at to schedule an initial consultation. While the divorce process can be difficult particularly when it comes to raising your children, with my assistance, you will find that co-parenting is easier than ever.

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