Co-Parenting Counseling


children of divorceThe love that both of you have for your children shows no bounds. Your children love both parents. And this holds especially true as your family manages a new life transition because despite the divorce, most children want their parents to stay together. This will come as no surprise.


It’s a very disruptive time for everyone, especially children. It’s more disruptive if the divorce is contentious. But you can learn to develop a cordial and amicable relationship with your ex-spouse.

Although you were once raising your children under one roof, you can learn to co-parent effectively and in healthy ways as you navigate from one home to two. Because your ability to co-parent amicably will create healthier relationships or everyone and your children will struggle less.

Our work together will entail:

  • Learning how to remain calm and consistent while resolving and/or avoiding conflict. This influences your children happiness and creates a healthier environment.

  • Improving your ability to resolve conflict by taking a proactive rather than a reactive stance

  • Achieving a greater ability to put aside your negative feelings, hurt, and anger while keeping your children front and center.

  • Improving communication and resolving conflict

  • Addressing and working through contentious and challenging issues

  • Identifying the strengths of each person

  • Learning how to move through many changes as children get older

  • Creating strong relationships with your children

  • Working through blended family issues should the need arise

The gift in helping parents address challenging issues through co-parenting counseling is that you will learn how to build a healthier family post divorce as you move into the chapter of your life.

And because your children take their social cues from both parents, you will be able to demonstrate how to be kind and compassionate towards one another (even in those moments when you don’t want to).

Ultimately, this will help them navigate their own changes and emotional ups and downs they are experiencing. 

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