Adjust your life lens in ‘how you see your life’!

Life provides the journey that everyone gets and wants despite the ups and downs. Yet it’s the the ups and downs and the challenges that keep us on our toes, create excitement, offer an element of curiosity and introspection, and and if we are lucky enough, growth. Life is better when we learn to embrace changes and not fear them.

We need to run towards life, not run from it.

I am a believer that things are always changing around us even if in the moment, it doesn’t feel or seem that way. The small nuances of life often are subtle enough that at the time, don’t always mean that much. But over time, those small nuances often add up to big changes.

I observe this not just personally, but with people I work with. At first, it can be a challenge to see what’s hiding in plain sight. But over time, through self examination, and just being more of an observer of their life, many people do often experience that aha! moment. It’s amazing to see unfold. They often remark that that’s the pivot they needed and were looking for to change their life. 

In essence, that aha moment creates a new and different lens or allows you to adjust the current lens in how you see your life. And the beginning of a new path is created. Just like that. 

I adjusted my life lens and the direction of my life when one day it became overly apparent that I had become burnt out from my work. I have read about compassion fatigue and always believed that I could compartmentalize my work, take care of myself, and set healthy boundaries. I like to believe that I can still do that. But, if I were to be really honest with myself, feeling burnt out wasn’t just about helping other people. Feeling burnt out extended to the challenges and struggles of running my own practice.  The day to day responsibility of doing both of those things was zapping my energy and making it feel like a ‘life suck.’ Eventually, I too, had one of those aha moments. Little did I know and unbeknownst to me, some hard truths were lurking around the corner. I had to ponder some serious questions about myself and my life. 

What I learned and came to understand was I had been thinking about the direction of what I wanted to do for some time. Most of these thoughts were about two paths – not only asking what exactly do I want at this stage in my life but does having some sort of practice (or not) fit into this picture? So, after much pondering, I chose to close my traditional brick and mortar, take the summer off from blogging and engaging in social media and think about my direction. This process provided a different lens for me, for my life.

I decided to go work for someone providing some clinical work and helping them build their practice and after a few months of doing that, I also decided to step back in. I now offer life and divorce coaching, traditional therapy to help people in relationships and dating issues, and drug and alcohol evaluations – all online and without the traditional brick and mortar. And decided to get back in and dabble with blog again, which I really enjoy. And along the way, I experienced deeper personal and internal growth.

And what I have figured out is that right now and in this moment, that is good enough.

My two cents? Remain open and curious. Adjust your life lens. Take it to another level. Think about things that come your way. Take a second look. Walk down a different path and see where it leads. Don’t be afraid to take another one if you don’t like that one. Don’t always be hesitant or afraid of change. Change comes with taking baby steps. Challenge yourself. Face those damn fears once and for all and do it anyway. 

Still unsure? Let’s connect! Let me help you adjust your life lens and create a new path!


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