Kristin Davin, Psy.D., Solution Focused/Strategic Therapist and Coach

My guess is you’ve reached a fork in the road and realize you need to create a new path for yourself. Though knowing which path to take is seldom easy.

As a solution focused and strategic therapist and coach, I guide you to communicate more effectively and build healthy personal and work relationships. In essence, maximize your personal growth and potential to create the life you desire.

I understand the fears and struggles you experience that keep you stuck. Therapy is the path that helps you identify ways in which you feel ‘stuck.’  We examine your feelings and how they perpetuate relationship communication. I help you identify negative interactional patterns that have evolved and cause the most conflict in your relationships.

To achieve maximum growth and communicate better we focus on your strengths as an individual and in the context of your relationships. Together, we create a new set of “eyes” for you to help you create a different path. A path filled with change, solutions, and resolutions for a better life.

I encourage people to look inward that will provide greater insight and awareness tapping into their true potential because once you do, you can maximize your life.


“When in doubt, choose change.” – Lily Leung 


Concept of happiness and freedom. Silhouette happy man jumping on a sunset backgroundMy personal and professional path has taught me many things. The value of making necessary changes in life. Examining your relationships for what they are and equally important, what they are not. Becoming more introspective while gaining greater clarity. And remembering, we are all a work in progress and continue to grow and evolve.




If you think I would be able to help you or want to learn a little more about my approach to start you on a new path in life, please call me at 917-715-6583 for a brief chat or complete the contact form to connect! And thanks for visiting!


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