Kristin Davin, Psy.D., Strategic Therapist, Coach, and Communications Expert

The philosophy of resolving conflict whether that’s in a relationship or work environment can be explained with the simple principle of a fork in the road. You can decide to go down the narrow path or the wide road, but deciding which path to take is often challenging. Many times, people who decide to take the narrow path discover that it is ultimately more rewarding even if in the beginning it doesn’t feel that way. 

As a therapist, coach, and communications expert, I provide clients (you!) and businesses with real life tools that can help you build and develop healthy personal and work relationships and effective teams. Through the use of your strategies and skills, you are able to not just maximize your personal and professional growth and create a effective work environment, but also create the life you desire.

Having helped many people grow and develop both personally and professionally, I understand the fears and struggles that keep people stuck in certain types of behavior or unhappy situations, both professionally (where we spend most of our time) and personally. By examining your behaviors and how they keep leading you to the same types of relationships and conflicts, you will discover how to break this trap by ending these negative interaction patterns, ultimately designing and implementing more effective patterns that will take you down a different path. And we know that how we communicate with others both personally and professionally affects us in profound ways. 

If my personal and professional experience has taught me anything, it is the important of making necessary changes in your life. We are all works in progress that continue to grow and evolve.


An Overview of the Counseling Process

During the consultation process, it is common to have questions. One of the most common questions asked by new clients is what the treatment tends to include. You can expect this process to involve the following steps:

  • Treatment will begin with intake during which time I will ask about your history and the reasons why you decided to seek therapy.
  • During the first couple of therapy sessions, we will begin to develop a relationship and you will determine if it is a good fit for moving forward.
  • We will establish goals, create plans, and discuss how you envision your life once you are able to deal with current obstacles. During this time, many clients also decide to establish the length of treatment they will receive.
  • As treatment continues, I will help you navigate the process of understanding what negative cycles you get stuck in as well as what changes can be made to reach a more effective and positive connection.
  • During the final stages of therapy, you will begin to experiment with handling conflicts in your relationship without slipping into a negative pattern.

Working with Businesses

Working with businesses, it is important to assess the communication patterns that exist both individually and on teams to assess what is working and equally more important what is not working. The assessment process provides an overview of the strengths and challenges so that a more effective plan of action can be taken to move the business (and the team) down a different path with better solutions. The focus is on not the problems but resolutions and solutions. 


Begin Your Counseling Journey Today

As part of the counseling process, we will focus on your strengths both as an individual as well as in your relationship. We will work on news ways to view your life so that you can embark on a path filled with change, solutions, and resolutions. You can contact me today by calling (917) 715 – 6583 or schedule an initial consultation by emailing me at


“When in doubt, choose change.” – Lily Leung





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