Where has the time gone? We have zoomed into holiday season 2015. And that means one thing- marriage proposals. And spoiler alert – if you are not a fan of seeing all the engagement photos, stay off Facebook! Because Facebook has a strong ‘liking’ for engagement photos,you will quickly become inundated with engagement photos. That can be a good thing, or not so good thing.

Here’s a few facts worth noting…

Some interesting facts:

  • Between Thanksgiving and New Years Day, 33% of engagements occur.
  • For jewelers – its their busiest time with 36% of their yearly sales occur?
  • November and December account for 26% of marriage proposals.
  • January issues of bridal magazines are their best selling issues.
  • Google searches for weddings, marriage, wedding planning spike each January.
  • A winter engagement leaves the time needed to plan a summer wedding.

Winter engagements are perfect for summer weddings. For couples who decide to take the plunge, a holiday engagement leaves an ideal amount of time to plan a summer wedding. Sure enough, the January issues of bridal magazines such as Brides are consistently their best-selling issues, and Google searches for “wedding planning”spike each year in January.

December is also referred to as ‘cuffing season’ – a time when many people find a buddy to snuugle with and get them through the cold, winter months. It’s also known as a ‘hot month’ for people to say yes to marriage.

Why now? Why not. People get engaged during this time of year for different reasons. Some do because family and friends are already at gatherings and so they use this an opportunity while everyone is around and celebrating. Its a special time of year – wiith good feelings, a magical atmosphere that prompts people to have dramatic acts of romance. For many, year end bonuses and time off from work make this a perfect time to get engaged

The wedding industry has become a mulit billion dollar industry and shows no signs of slowing down. This, despite the continued rates of divorce that hover around 50%, give or take.

But, have no fear. Grab some humor along the way with these blogs..

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Happy Engagement!

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