My father. My brother. My partner in life. These three men have had and continue to have a profound impact on my life. I consider myself a very lucky person. In their own way, they have enhanced my life. I like to believe I have done the same for them.

My dad. 

Through the years, especially from my late 20’s to the present, my relationship with my father has evolved to one that is extremely special. Time and life lessons has provided the space that has allowed it to grow and breath into something I cherish every day. But, it wasn’t always that way.  In the early years, I would describe our relationship as more complicated, dynamic, distant, yet loving in its own way. Past circumstances and the impact of his words and behaviors – not always good –  had a profound impact on my life.

But time changes people. Luckily.

We evolve. We become more accepting. I have learned to accept him for who he is and just as important, who he is not. I have learned to move past some of the more difficult challenging times of our relationship because doing otherwise would prove a waste of time and energy. I am grateful that he is still with us – with his sense of humor still intact, self deprecating thoughts, and his nostalgic conversations about his life growing up.


My brother, Patrick. I have some great memories growing up with him – North Main Street, 5th Avenue, and Northern Blvd in Gloversville and some idyllic years on Priddle Point in Mayfield. The great thing about my relationship with Patrick is the history we share, the conversations we continue and the closeness that remains. He is by far, one of the funniest people I know. I cannot say I was aware of the depth of his humor until I moved in with him and his family in September 2012 when I first came to NYC. Wow. And he absolutely continues to pick on me! He is also an amazing, ever present, hands on father to his 10 year old son, Cole (who is a remarkable kid in his own right) and a stepfather to Jason (equally remarkable. They are such both good kids! Patrick and his wife, Elizabeth, have blended their families that simply exemplify what it means to be a ‘blended family.’


My partner in life, Rob: Over two years ago, I met a remarkable man, Rob. He is by far the most exemplary man I have ever met. He is one of the kindest, hard working, funny (very), and loving person. He is also an amazing single parent to a 20 year old son. Patient – yet firm, demanding – yet fair. He always takes time for the important people in life – both friends and family. Many people rely on him – and he doesn’t let them down. I continue to look forward to the future with him and consider myself lucky everyday..


I hope you also have some special men in your life. They contribute so much and are such an integral part of families and relationships.

Happy Father’s Day!!

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