Couples Counseling

Before, During, and After

Marriage isn’t a one size fits all. People – both individuals and couples – need help along the way whether that be before, during, or after their marriage. I am here to help you no matter what stage you are in.

Before You Say, ‘I Do’: Premarital Counseling

Before I got married (again!) I made sure that my soon to be husband and I had all the important conversations because I knew I was not going to get divorced again. No way. And even though some of those conversations were challenging at times, I knew they were necessary to have before we were married. I  have seen too many couples ignore their issues and the ‘things’ that are hiding in plain sight only to marry and find themselves in marriage counseling with the same issues before they married.

  • You not only learn a lot about your soon to be spouse, but yourself!
  • You will have the chance to talk openly about key conversations that are a must before you get married.
  • You will make sure all stones are unturned – for the most part – and have the chance to not only listen and hear, but use your voice and share how you feel.
  • Learn how what makes relationships rock so you can be one of those!

Marital/Relationship Counseling (The ‘During’ Stage)

‘We can’t communicate.’ “He/she never listens to me.’ ‘We don’t know how to communicate.’ Sound familiar? No doubt. I hear these statements all the time. Communication issues are the #1 complaint of couples. But, all is not lost. life. And most likely your ability to express how you feel to your partner or spouse is made more difficult because for most couples, ‘they just cannot communicate.’ Sound familiar? No doubt. Communication problems are the #1 reason why couples seek therapy.

Two paths. We take two paths – providing the skills and strategies to have more effective communication and help reconnect – emotionally, physically, mentally – in a way that makes you feel safe while building a stronger foundation of trust. The changes that occur, change the ‘dance’ or process with you and your partner or spouse – which is a good thing!

Understanding your attachment style, communication style, and addressing the underlying issues – are three key ingredients to helping couples – you! – get to a better and healthier place.

Divorce Counseling and Coaching (After Marriage)

Been there, done that. I have traversed down the ‘D’ path, and I know it’s one the most difficult, challenging, and emotionally driven life transitions that you will ever experience.

However, I am here to tell you that despite where you are, eventually you will experience the silver lining of being on the other side of your divorce. I help individuals and couples pull up their sleeves, navigate the emotional roller coaster, ups and downs, and work through all your challenges you are experiencing while going through your divorce.

My Approach

I have been called a ‘straight shooter’, honest, open, and authentic. I use Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), an active, collaborative, and skills-based modality and Solution Focused Therapy (SFT), an approach that will help you focus on your preferred future by setting small, achievable goals. SFT asks the Miracle Question  (LOVE it!) which get YOU thinking about what you really want your life to look like, how you would like it to be. Using SFT will moves you from being problem-focused to solution-focused. It works! Its thought provoking, creates insight, tangible, and makes people feel successful in ways they never imagined! You will experience a sense of accomplishment and feel productive.

I work with couples who are unmarried/coupled up, gay, and straight. We address all the thorny issues — strife, infidelity (and how to recover and thrive), addictions (pornography, alcohol, drugs, eating, shopping), and sexual intimacy.

Together, we do just that.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How are sessions structured?

Traditional individual and couples sessions are 45 minutes. This excludes Discernment Counseling.

How do I get started?

To begin the therapy process, you can either call my office at 917-715-6583 or email me. Upon receiving your telephone call or email, I will contact you within 24 hours to briefly discuss your current issues and if appropriate, schedule an appointment.

I also offer a free 20-minute consultation. During the consultation, we briefly discuss your current issues to help ensure that I am the most appropriate person to help you.

What are the fees?

I am in network with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. I am an out of network provider for all other insurance plans. Depending on your insurance plan, you may be entitled to reimbursement for my services. Please contact your insurance company for benefits and eligibility. If you are not using insurance, please call my office for individual or couples fees.

How do I pay for the session?

I accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard. Payment is expected at the time of service. If you are not using insurance, I provide a superbill at the end of each session which can be submitted to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. If you are not using insurance, please call my office for my rate.

Do you accept insurance?

I currently accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield. I am considered an out of network provider for all other insurance plans. Please contact your insurance company for more information regarding fees and reimbursement.

What are your hours?

I have both day and evening hours available.

What is your cancellation policy?

Since scheduling an appointment involves reserving time specifically for you, a minimum of 24-hour notice is required for re-scheduling or canceling an appointment. There is a cancellation fee charged if your appointment is cancelled less than the required 24 hours.

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