Testimonials are important in every business. Mine is no different. When clients are happy as a result of working with me, I am happy! It’s great to read about testimonials as they speak the truth.

Testimonials – What My Patients Are Saying…

We were at an impasse and unable to move past recurrent issues. However, working with Dr. Davin, allowed us to work through and resolve our issues. Because of that, we got back on track, and eventually create a stronger marriage. There were moments when we were not sure. Her help was invaluable. Lacy and Nate, married 3 years.
I was blindsided by my husband’s affair and subsequent divorce. These events left me feeling broken. Dr. Davin helped me through both of these very difficult events in a way that empowered me and made me feel valued again. Lisa, age 37, divorced 2 years.
We were engaged for about a year, when we started to have relationship issues. Although we were reluctant at first, we knew we had to figure out if marriage was the right path for us. We attended several pre-marital therapy sessions with Dr. Davin. She provided a safe and comfortable ‘space’ to discuss difficult issues. Although there were many times we thought we might part, we did the hard work and together got to a better place! We were married as planned, six months later. Megan and Sam.


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