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Living A Better Life, Post Divorce



What exactly is divorce coaching? A divorce coach, ‘coaches’ you throughout the process of your divorce. I can help you with co-parenting challenges and establish a healthy co-parenting strategy, help you manage the ups and downs and what feels like a roller coaster of emotions and loss of direction. I support you through your difficult times, provide guidance to create effective communication with your ex-partner (or soon to be ex), and expand and broaden your skills and most importantly your mindset to increase your sense of self, happiness, and new found independence. 

As a divorce coach, I help clients:

  • Improve their self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Move through and eventually past the pain of your divorce
  • Separate the legal issues from the emotional ones
  • Help you go from ‘We’ to ‘Me’ in a way that creates optimism for your future
  • Communicate more effectively with your ex-spouse or partner and other family members (who are also affected by the divorce)
  • Maintain a healthy relationship with your children so you are not burdened with guilt!
  • Address the barriers that keep you stuck and prevent you from moving forward. 
  • Set new financial goals that promote financial security and stability 

I assess where you are and we discuss where you want to be as we examine what your core values and goals are so that we can design a specific and personal action plan – just for you! My Solution-Focused Approach will help you visualize and build the future you desire. We work through every aspect of this major transition in your life, from start to finish. I help guide you through the emotional ups and downs, financial consequences, and the legal challenges you face – so your life doesn’t feel like a roller coaster!


Coaching is an action-oriented process that helps you create and sustain meaningful changes in your life and are conducted using a safe and secure HIPAA platform. 

But, because no two people are ever the same, I offer both Individual and Package coaching sessions.  
Coaching Sessions:
Single Session (One-Hour Phone Consultation): We discuss the specifics of your divorce. I then provide practical feedback and suggestions designed to give you the basic tools and encouragement you need to handle the situation on your own. Summary [outlining x, y, & z] of our session is sent via email.
Packages: Three, Five or 10 sessions available (Each session = One-Hour Phone Consultation). These packages are designed to create a comprehensive and personalized post-divorce Action Plan. Email support following each session is included.  
Disclaimer:  Divorce coaching is not legal advice and is not a substitute for competent legal advice. Divorce and relationship coaching is not psychotherapy and is not covered by insurance.


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