Weekend Reading: Divorce and Children

I hope they will work it out. Sad little girl leaning at the table and holding head in hand while her parents shouting at each other in the background

Why It’s So Hard For Adults When Their Parents Divorce (By Rachel Nuwer; YouBeauty via  Yahoo Health) You’d think your parents’ split might be easier to understand and accept when you’re older, but “grey divorce” can have an even deeper impact across the family than when it happens earlier in life.

A Mother’s Day Reflection: 6 Lessons I Learned From My Daughter (By Terry Gaspard; Movingpastdivorce.com) Gaspard explores how the mother-daughter bond changes after divorce—and how to help ensure it remains healthy and strong.

8 Things Kids of Divorce Want Parents to Know (By Brittany Wong, Huffington Post) Kids are smarter and wiser than parents think! You’ll find some really smart and helpful insights from adult writers who grew up in divorced families.

Here’s Why Dads Should Think Twice Before Arguing With Their Wives (By Taryn Hillin,       Huffington Post) Kids’ relationships with both parents are strained after overhearing an argument—but the tension last longer with fathers. New research suggests why.

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Weekend Reading: Happy Mother’s Day!



11 Things Daughters of Strong Women Know (By Jessica Samakow; Huffington Post)
#6: “A relationship is not the main indicator of your happiness.” Yes!

I Finally See You, Mom (By Jessica Dimas; Pig & Dac via Huffington Post) A beautiful essay—grab the tissues!

Men and Their Mommies (By Jackie Pilossoph; Divorced Girl Smiling.com/Huffington Post) How men can have a healthy relationship with their mother!

4 Ways a Mother-Son Relationship Can Affect Your Marriage (By Alisha Cornett: Your Tango) And more important: How to not let it!

Why and How We Celebrate Mother’s Day (WQAD, Channel 8 News) Interesting facts!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!!!!


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Weekend Reading: Addiction Special

woman with alcohol addiction concept,shallow DOF

Addiction affects people from all walks of life—including your own.

Aging Baby Boomers Bring Drug Habits Into Middle Age (By Zusha Elinson; WSJ.com) One person’s story of how the past became his present.

Women, Intimate Relationships, and Addiction Relapse (By Robert Weiss; Psychology Today) Why sex can make staying sober so much more difficult.

“Drunkorexia:” The New Craze Among Middle-Aged Women (By Elizabeth Chabner Thompson, M.D.; Everyday Health) More women than ever are restricting their food intake so they can drink more.

The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think (By Johann Hari; Huffington Post) Simply a must-read. Then tell me what you think!

Facebook’ Addiction Activates Same Brain Areas As Drugs; How Social Media Sites Hook You In (By Stephanie Castillo; Medical Daily) Why it might be time for a “digital detox.”

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