Weekend Reading: Keys to Happiness, Successful Second Marriages, and More

Key to happiness

More great reading as your weekend approaches!

10 Rules for a Happy Second Marriages (Terry Gaspard; Movingpastdivorce.com). Simple, intuitive—and doable.

Why The Woman You Love Should Want You, Not Need You (Paul Hudson for Elite Daily via Goodmenproject.com). The strongest relationships are partnerships—not one-sided affairs. This is a must-read.

11 Signs You Might Be Struggling With Adult ADHD (Amanda Itzkoff, M.D.; Psychiatristsnyc.com). You can still have ADHD even if you were not formally diagnosed in childhood. Know the signs!

10 Things to Give Up in Exchange for Happiness (Tamara Star; Good Men Project). Happiness is a choice. These steps can help get you there.

Firmly Entrenched In My Fifties (Rubber Shoes In Hell). Being a fellow 50+, I can really relate to her thoughts, attitude, and sense of humor! I get her!


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Weekend Reading: Relationship Tips, Prevening Infidelity, And More 

Weekend Reading: Email Snooping, Abusive Narcissists, and More

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Bookmark these great articles for your weekend reading!!

How Many Americans Read a Significant Other’s Email? (By Kate Sullivan; Allure via Yahoo Health). More than you think—and the repercussions can be more serious than you probably realize, too.

Five Powerful Ways Abusive Narcissists Get Inside Your Head (By Shahida Arabi; Selfcarehaven.wordpress.com). Whether you are dating someone or already in a relationship, keep your eyes open for these covert tactics.

Surprising Relationship Advice from Divorce Attorneys (By Emma Johnson; Forbes.com). Surprising and great advice from people on the front lines of divorce everyday!

7 Things You Should Never, Ever Say to Your Partner (By Rachel Grumman Bender; Yahoo Health). They slip out so easily—but with just a little effort you can find the words that pull you closer instead of pushing you farther apart.

Marital “Long-Timers” Have a “Modest Rebound” in Sexual Frequency After 50 Years (Baylor University; Sciencedaily.com) Love this.

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Weekend Reading: Relationship Tips, Preventing Infidelity, And More 

12 Signs of Emotional Abuse

Weekend Reading: Relationship Tips, Preventing Infidelity, and More

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Bookmark these articles and catch up with them this weekend…


3 Research-Based Tips for a Happy & Healthy Relationship (By Bob Navarra, Psy.D.; The Gottman Relationship Blog). More right-on advice from relationship guru, Dr. John Gottman.

America’s Top Couples Therapist Says All Successful Marriages Share This Trait (By Jake Baer; Business Insider). Tension and conflict are a natural part of relationships. However, the ability to repair—and repair early—with kind words is the key to a successful marriage.

10 Signs He’s Just Not That Into You (By James Michael Sama; Jamesmsama.com). Why hang on? Some relationships really do have expiration dates.

5 Reasons Infidelity is SO Common in Marriages (Says Science) (By Dr. Jim Walkup, LMFT; Your Tango). Find out how to protect your relationship.

7 Ways Women Can Build Trust In Relationships (By Terry Gaspard; YourTango). Love this: “Trust is more of an acquired ability than a feeling.”

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