Kristin Davin, Psy.D., (aka, 'Dr. D') NYC Psychologist/Relationship Builder/Divorce Coach

Kristin by Alberto Lama Photography 5_ppI’m glad you’re here because my guess is that you’ve reached a fork in the road and realize you need to create a new path for yourself.  Though knowing which path to take is seldom easy. But you don’t have to make critical, life changes alone. I’m here to help.

As a Psychologist, I have helped people build healthy frameworks for better relationships with their spouse or partner, child, parent, friend, co-worker, or as a co-parent. The more of that work I do, the more I consider myself as a Relationship Builder.

My focus is on strengthening individuals and relationships. Together, we will create a new set of “eyes” for you and a different path: one filled with change, solutions, and resolutions for a better life.

Because like you, I am always looking to evolve and improve relationships with important people in my life. Relationships help define who we are and the life we have created. They make us feel connected, safe, and part of the vast world in which we live. Without them, we feel just the opposite: disconnected, unsure, and alone.

My practice and the path that has led me here has taught me many things: the value of making changes in your life, examining your relationships for what they are and, more importantly, what they are not. Introspection provides the clarity to move us on to a new and better path.


Concept of happiness and freedom. Silhouette happy man jumping on a sunset backgroundI want to help you “run toward life,” to live the life you want for yourself. I’ve been where you are: wanting a better life but struggling to figure out how. It wasn’t until I left an abusive marriage that I realized the value of self-care, self-love, and the importance of being healthy on your own before you can create a healthy relationship with another that most of desire.

I understand what it means to completely start over: the ever changing, fast pace dating scene in New York City, our need for solitude and together time, the importance of family and friends, and the ebbs and flows of life that keep us on our toes. My decision to move to New York City after leaving a small, quiet borough of 8,000 people has taught me resilience, grit, and how to live the life I want, despite the uphill battles and difficult times that can make us question our decisions. I have questioned some of my decisions as well but I continue to move forward. I am now happily remarried and a stepmother to a young adult, which isn’t without its bumps, but certainly worth the ride.

If I am able to impart my personal and professional experience in an effort to help you, I consider that a success and a job well done.

If you would like to improve or rebuild an important relationship in your life, I am here to help, every step of your journey. You can reach me at 917-715-6583 or complete a contact form request to set up a free 20 minute consultation.




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