Welcome! If you came to my website, you have reached a fork in the road and realize you need to make a change or ‘pivot’ and create a new path for yourself!

I am a Relationship Builder. I help people build better relationships – with their spouse or partner, child, parent, friend, co-worker, or as a co-parent. Like you, I am a work in progress when it comes to relationships and always looking to evolve and improve the relationships I have with all the important people in my life. My focus is on strengthening individuals and relationships.

And as social creatures, we thrive on healthy relationships. It makes us feel more human. Relationships help define who we are and the life we have created. They make us feel connected, safe, and part of the vast world we all live in. Because without healthy relationships we feel just the opposite – disconnected, unsure, and alone.

I have helped hundreds of individuals (you!) and couples do just that – build healthier relationships. Together, we will create a new set of ‘eyes’ for you and a different path – one filled with change, solutions, and resolutions for a better life!

Thirteen plus years in the business has taught me a lot of things – the value in making changes in your life, examining your relationships for what they are and more importantly what they are not, and introspection provides the clarity to move on us to a different path. Divorced (from an abusive marriage) and happily remarried, I completely understand all about completely starting over, the ever changing, fast pace dating scene in NYC, our need for solitary and together time, the importance of family and friends, and the ebbs and flows of life that keeps us on our toes.

I recently becoming a stepmother to a young adult that isn’t without its bumps, but certainly worth the ride. My decision to move to NYC 4 years ago after leaving a small, quiet borough of 8,000 people, has taught me resilience, grit, and the desire to help other people ‘run towards life’ – the life they want for themselves, despite the uphill battles and difficult times that can make us question our decisions.

So, when I hear people express their roller coaster of emotions about ‘all things of life’, I can honestly say, I get it and I am here with you through every step of your journey. If I am able to impart my personal and professional experience in an effort to help another person, I consider that a success and a job well done.

Let’s Get Started

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