Do you find yourself struggling in life, feeling stuck either individually or with a relationship or in your marriage and unsure what to do next?

Everyone – at one time or another – will find themselves feeling stuck and not sure how to make their relationship or marriage healthier. or more simply improve their life. I get that. We have ALL been there. But, ask yourself: if you are struggling in your relationship have you exhausted all of your efforts? Would couples counseling help you decide which way to go? If you are unsure how to start making personal changes, but know that you have to in order to improve your life, would therapy help? I have helped many individuals and couples over the past 13 years do exactly that – identify and create solutions to their issues which ultimately creates a new path. A path that makes them feel on track, ‘unstuck’, and moving in a healthier direction.

Let’s face it, life can be difficult and challenging. It often takes a third party to help people sift through what is often hiding in plain sight. Our non stop lives make people feel overwhelmed and out of control, and unable to make choices on their own. Yet, despite that, people do want to make changes because how they are living simply doesn’t feel like they are ‘living.’ They recognize they need different ‘tools’ to make better choices – choices that will move them away from their pain and towards a healthier life – helping them feel hopeful rather than helpless. Working collaboratively, we discover possibilities that you didn’t know existed. My approach is empathic, direct, and solution focused. People don’t want to be in therapy for life and I don’t want you to be either! I ask the questions that will make you think, so you can walk away feeling engaged in your life, able to make necessary changes, and equally empowered – with your life back on track.

Let’s Get Started

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